1 in 10 Americans Believe Administration is Unethical

Only 1 in 10 Americans, according to a new CNN Poll, believe that the Bush administration did not act unethically or illegally.

So 10% don't think the administration is unethical or criminal. I guess these are the same folks that think porking your intern is grounds for impeachment, but killing 2,000 soldiers for a lie is not, nor is putting your country at risk by leaking the names of CIA agents.


At 12:28, Blogger jenny said...

yeah, i'd say you got that 10% pegged! lol

At 15:20, Blogger dorsano said...


Either that, or they haven't watched or listened to the news for the last three years.

At 05:23, Blogger RedStateExile said...

Nah, they've just been listening to Rush Limbaugh! Pffft! :)

At 15:26, Blogger Lizzy said...

I couldn't believe that also. But then again, as I read what is being said by right wing talking heads...it does not surprise me.

I mean Anal Coulter said today that she had not heard of Scooter Libby.

At 08:34, Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK said...

Only 10%? I don't get it; the absurdity of it all ...

At 13:01, Blogger RedStateExile said...

10%???? Does that mean they get to be thrown under the damn bus and lose their rights just like us queers do?

Oh, the humanity of it all!!!


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